Ride-sharing Accessibility

Disparities of accessibility in transportation systems is a constant concern, which is intensified by the transportation economization process and the digital divide. How should we measure and understand the accessibility of ride-sharing systems?

Bike-sharing Systems & Congestion

In the past decades, there has been a resurgence of public bike-sharing systems (BSSs). While it is claimed that social and environmental benefits are associated with the implementation of BSSs, few empirical studies have investigated the actual effect of BSSs on cities.

Plan Your City Trip based on User-generated Contents

This project proposes a travel planner for city trips by integrating multiple crowdcoursed user-generated contents to provide cutomized information for tourists. We harvested hotel reviews from TripAdvisor, photos from Flickr, and travel costs from Uber.

Public Transport Smart Card in Beijing

Geo-visualizations derived from public transport smart card users in Beijing.