A Robust Noise Mitigation Method for the Mobile RFID Location in Built Environment


The exact location of objects, such as infrastructure, is crucial to the systematic understanding of the built environment. The emergence and development of the Internet of Things (IoT) have attracted growing attention to the low-cost location scheme, which can respond to a dramatic increasing amount of public infrastructure in smart cities. Various Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID)-based locating systems and noise mitigation methods have been developed. However, most of them are impractical for built environments in large areas due to their high cost, computational complexity, and low noise detection capability. In this paper, we proposed a novel noise mitigation solution integrating the low-cost localization scheme with one mobile RFID reader. We designed a filter algorithm to remove the influence of abnormal data. Inspired the sampling concept, a more carefully parameters calibration was carried out for noise data sampling to improve the accuracy and reduce the computational complexity. To achieve robust noise detection results, we employed the powerful noise detection capability of the random sample consensus (RANSAC) algorithm. Our experiments demonstrate the effectiveness and advantages of the proposed method for the localization and noise mitigation in a large area. The proposed scheme has potential applications for location-based services in smart cities.

Sensors, 19(9), 2143